Business Assistance Ltd's basic fees are currently £50 per hour and it is no longer registered for VAT. However we set a limit of £100 for new clients contacting us following their downloading this information from our Web-Site. The initial consultation can be done face to face - but by appointment only, by phone or by exchange of e-mails, the £100 is "capped", irrespective of how long we take to understand their initial problem and offer some guidance.

If we cannot suggest an immediate solution or course of action that does not entail you in further costs, we will at least give a quotation for a detailed assessment and action plan (See below) and provide you with a realistic indication from the outset of any additional future costs involved if any.

We rarely advertise. Most clients come to see us by recommendation, our credentials being our track record. Please take a look at our cost effective solutions to previous clients' problems. Read them and then judge for yourself whether you would find it helpful to meet us!


Business Assistance Ltd's costs as detailed below, are in three parts: an "assessment" fee, "disbursements", and a "contingency" fee. All sums are payable within 7 days of invoice, or will be subject to an interest surcharge, calculated at 3% pa above Barclays Bark PLC's base rate.

Assessment Fee:

A fixed non- returnable fee, which Business Assistance Ltd will keep to a minimum and is payable in advance, for the preparation of a report setting out options available and objectives for your consideration. The fixed fee agreed for this work will be £.................


To cover Business Assistance Ltd's direct "out of pocket" reasonable expenses for phone calls, faxes, photocopies, travelling etc as per our current schedule of costs (available on request), payable monthly, upon receipt of a summary of our logged charges.

Contingency Fee:

After you have read our report, if you wish Business Assistance Ltd to continue to work for you, we will do so on the basis of a contingency fee, this being a percentage of savings on "your liabilities" or a "reduction in the costs", for example, in your acquisition of property or a target company. For the avoidance of doubt, this fee excludes the assessment fee paid in advance and any other professional costs incurred by you, including legal expenses and fees paid by you to third parties acting on your instructions, which may be irrecoverable following the outcome of any legal action. The percentage fee payable will be indicated in our report.

Terms of this agreement:

In the event of any ambiguity or conflict arising between the terms of this agreement and those of any other agreement whether oral or in writing entered into after today's date, the terms of this agreement shall prevail between the parties and cannot be revoked without Business Assistance Ltd's written consent. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and the parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts and confirms that no reliance on any representations has been made, other than on those expressly stated in this Agreement. No change, alteration or modification to this Agreement shall be valid, unless agreed in writing by both parties.

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