Business Assistance Ltd are always interested in providing an independent and professional assessment of any "legitimate" business proposition. Advice always given in the strictest of confidence. Business Assistance Ltd can provide valuable input based of over 45 years business experience and their knowledge of the problems that Business Assistance Ltd have already been called upon to resolve to help both start-ups and established businesses previously.

NOTE: Business Assistance Ltd will provide a report for an agreed fixed fee payable in advance. Business Assistance Ltd will cap your costs, usually you will pay between 100 to 250 depending on the complexity of the assessment required, more importantly, Business Assistance Ltd will inform you of the amount payable BEFORE we undertake the work. For the avoidance of any misunderstandings, we wish to make it clear that Business Assistance Ltd are not willing to invest in your proposed venture or act as a an intermediary to provide initial working capital for it.

If you wish to ask for our help, please fill in the form below and send it to us and we will be in touch - Good Luck!

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